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Advanced Berry Breeding, a leader in the raspberry breeding, is committed to reshaping the industry through innovation by creating diverse and profitable raspberry breeding solutions that empower growers everywhere to elevate their raspberry production. 

Our expertise is rooted in cutting-edge research and hands-on experience in developing raspberry varieties that transcend diverse climate conditions and meet the evolving needs of growers, markets, and consumers alike.

Our journey began in the heart of Tanzania – it is where our passion for raspberries began to unfold. It’s a story that transcends borders, rooted deeply in the fertile soils of this East African nation. The story of our company is intertwined with the vibrant culture and language of Tanzania, reflected in the Swahili names of our raspberry varieties – each a testament to our deep connection with this land. 

Bred for Quality, Grown for Success

Raspberry breeding is the scientific art of developing new raspberry varieties with superior qualities. This process blends an understanding of genetics and horticulture. In every raspberry plant, genes dictate vital attributes such as fruit flavour, colour, firmness, size and yield.

At Advanced Berry Breeding (ABB), we tap into a wide genetic pool to select plants that exhibit traits that matter most to you and cross them, aiming to produce new generations of raspberry varieties that surpass their predecessors in quality.
Our goal is to breed and deliver varieties that not only grow well in diverse climate conditions but also meet the high standards of the market and consumers alike.

At the heart of our breeding program is an unwavering commitment to create diverse and profitable breeding solutions that are accessible to raspberry growers everywhere.

Our Mission, Vision and Core Values

Our Mission

To create diverse and profitable raspberry solutions that empower growers everywhere to elevate raspberry production.

Our Vision

To enhance global access and profitability for raspberry growers by nurturing a future where the raspberry industry is more innovative, inclusive and economically thriving.

Our Values

Create Value Through Innovation, Celebrate Diversity, Partner for Success, Relentlessly Pursue Excellence.

Core Value Pillars

Create Value
Through Innovation

We champion groundbreaking ideas designed to create value at every step of the raspberry breeding and growing process.


We embrace an array of perspectives and experiences that enrich our collective knowledge and are reflected in the development of diverse, robust raspberry varieties.

Partner for

We believe strategic partnerships built on strong collaboration and trust are the foundation for success.

Pursue Excellence

We build superior quality into all that we do ensuring every raspberry variety is exceptional.

The ABB Advantage

Cutting-Edge Research

Wide Gene Pool

Proven History

Hands-on Production Expertise

Unwavering Commitment to Producer and Production Partner Success

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