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Raspberry Breeding

Raspberry breeding stands at the forefront of agricultural innovation, representing a pivotal process that significantly impacts growers, marketers and consumers alike. At its core, raspberry breeding involves a process, commencing with the exploration of a wide gene pool to identify traits that enhances the overall quality of the fruit and yield.

A wide gene pool is established through cutting-edge research to meticulously selecting and propagating superior varieties. For growers, this translates into a unique advantage, offering the promise of increased yields and picking speeds, enhanced disease resistance and improved adaptability to varying climate conditions.

Raspberry Excellence Starts Here

Nurturing Natural Genetic Variation

The journey begins with classic plant breeding, embracing the richness of natural genetics. We strive to generate raspberries that not only captivate the taste buds but also meet the demands of sustainable and profitable cultivation.

Meticulous Selection for Optimal Yield

Embark on a meticulous selection process, spanning diverse climates from the Netherlands to Tanzania and Portugal. Rigorous evaluations, including considerations for shelf life, ‘earliness’, firmness, and taste, ensure our varieties deliver an optimal and stable yield.

Anticipating Trends for Global Success

Through our international network, we stay ahead of the curve in market insights. We anticipate and integrate the latest developments and trends into our breeding process, enabling growers worldwide to cultivate varieties that meet retail requirements and consumer preferences.

Expert Advice for Growers

Empowering growers is at the heart of our mission. Gain insights into the science, research, and practical expertise that inform our breeding efforts. Our advice extends beyond the choice of variety, encompassing crucial growing techniques for successful and profitable cultivation.

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