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Our breeding program is anchored by three innovative breeding lines, each providing a diverse portfolio of raspberry varieties designed with the unique demands of growers and market trends.

Our Premium Line stands as a beacon of excellence in the raspberry breeding industry. These varieties are curated through a rigorous selection process to deliver only the finest raspberry breeds. Tailored for growers who aim for the apex of quality, each variety stands out with exceptional firmness, vibrant taste, rich colour and features a high-end clamshell presentation that ensures no leakage.

These varieties not only boast an extended shelf life of an additional 3 to 4 days but they are also easy to pick. Our Premium Line is a strategic choice for growers focused on premium markets, looking to double their sales potential.

Our Easy-to-Grow Line is the epitome of efficiency and versatility in raspberry production. Varieties in this breeding line are selected for high yield and designed to thrive in any climate condition.

Offering the advantage of low plant density, growers can expect resilient plants and a high-yielding harvest, while saving on plant material. Our Easy-To-Grow Line is adaptable, perfect for all growers ranging from novices to highly-skilled professionals.

The Winter Line offers raspberry growers an excellent opportunity to capitalize on the winter production season and empower them with year-round production capabilities.

Our Winter Line requires no chill to thrive, no sensitivity to the cold and bypasses the need for dormancy.
Our Winter Line opens a high-value production window when raspberries are typically scarce, allowing growers to extend their harvest season and tap into early market opportunities. You can expect an early crop 14 to 16 weeks from planting to harvest.

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