Advanced Berry Breeding

Fruit for the 21 century: attractive, healthy and good tasting

Advanced Berry Breeding is breeding for new varieties in soft fruit.
The first generation of raspberry varieties is a big success and meets a lot of appreciation of growers and consumers. Together with our partners a fantastic end product is made: attractive, healthy and good tasting.

Next stage for Advanced Berry Breeding

August 2018 - Since the beginning of this year, Advanced Berry Breeding (ABB) has entered into its new office in Hedel, the Netherlands, and is at full strength with a few new colleagues. The office of ABB is led by managing director Wim Aalbersberg…

Four new primocane varieties

January 4th 2018 - Advanced Berry Breeding released four new primocane raspberry varieties end of 2017. These new varieties are a great addition to those that have been introduced previously, like the successful Kweli® and Kwanza®. Wengi…

Licenses for raspberry varieties

May 1st 2017 - The collaboration between Advanced Berry Breeding (ABB) and Meiosis Ltd. for the ABB raspberry varieties has ended as from 30 June 2017. The existing licenses for Kweli®, Kwanza®, Mapema® and Imara® are being handled by ABB…

Breeding: strong varieties for the world market

Advanced Berry Breeding works with its partners on breeding soft fruit. We bundle our knowledge and practical experience, and this approach has borne noticeable results. Our first raspberry varieties Imara®, Kwanza®, Mapema® and Kweli® are highly regarded and are grown worldwide. Read more about breeding.


Cultivating fall raspberries is custom work. We at Advanced Berry Breeding know that better than anyone else. A good crop is the result of the right variety, the proper planting distance and exceptional management, as well as many other factors. We support our clients in this by offering advice, some of which we discuss. Read more about Cultivation.

Raspberry varieties

The raspberry varieties of Advanced Berry Breeding are protected by Plant Breeders’ Rights and trade mark rights. The production and sales of plants, as well as fruit production requires a license.