Traditional raspberry cultivation has been limited to a single harvest season, typically in the summer months. But what if we could extend this season, offering consumers a continuous supply of fresh raspberries throughout the year?

Enter the realm of year-round raspberry cultivation, a cutting-edge approach that promises to revolutionize the raspberry industry. By employing specific cultivation methods and utilizing specialized raspberry varieties, growers can now produce raspberries year-round, satisfying the growing demand for this beloved fruit.

The Pillars of Year-Round Raspberry Cultivation

Two key factors contribute to the success of year-round raspberry production:

  • Double Cropping: This technique involves planting plug plants, tray plants, or root blocls in autumn, allowing them to establish roots and develop buds before going dormant in the winter. In the spring, the plants resume growth, producing a first crop of fruit around the end of summer. After the summer harvest, the lower laterals of the canes are retained, and the plants are pruned back to encourage new growth. This new growth bears a second crop of fruit in autumn.
  • Specialized Varieties:Selecting the right raspberry varieties is crucial for successful year-round cultivation. ABB offers a range of innovative raspberry varieties specifically designed for double cropping and optimized for various climates and growing conditions.

    ABB has been at the forefront of year-round raspberry cultivation, developing varieties that deliver exceptional yields, exceptional fruit quality, and extended harvest seasons. Our varieties offer growers a competitive advantage, enabling them to meet the growing demand for fresh raspberries while maximizing profitability.

    Our approach to year-round raspberry cultivation goes beyond simply selecting suitable varieties. We provide comprehensive support to growers, offering expertise in planting, pruning, irrigation, fertilization, pest and disease management, and harvesting techniques. This comprehensive support ensures that growers can successfully implement their year-round production strategies.


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