January 4th 2018 – Advanced Berry Breeding released four new primocane raspberry varieties end of 2017. These new varieties are a great addition to those that have been introduced previously, like the successful Kweli® and Kwanza®.

Wengi produces an enormous yield of raspberries with a beautiful bright colour. The berries have a good shelf life and their quality remains well after transport. Wengi appears to be particular suitable for areas with a moderate or a Mediterranean climate.

Shani starts production very early. Even in low-light conditions this variety continues to produce flowers and raspberries. This makes it primarily suitable for winter crops in Mediterranean climates. Shani produces beautiful raspberries and has a high yield.

Rafiki is a variety with good application in many growing areas. This variety is spine-free in most cases, easy to grow and gives a very high yield. Moreover the raspberries have an excellent shelf life which enables transport over long distances. These characteristics combined make Rafiki every grower’s friend.

Jambo® produces firm fruit with a remarkable yellow colour. Even days after harvesting this colour is maintained. The variety is easy to grow and high-yielding. Jambo® is attractive to markets looking for fruit with a different, unique appearance.

Limited plant material of these varieties will be available in 2018.

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