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Four new primocane varieties

January 4th 2018 – Advanced Berry Breeding released four new primocane raspberry varieties end of 2017. These new varieties are a great addition to those that have been introduced previously, like the successful Kweli® and Kwanza®. Wengi produces an enormous yield of raspberries with a beautiful bright colour. The berries have a good shelf life […]

Licenses for raspberry varieties

May 1st 2017 – The collaboration between Advanced Berry Breeding (ABB) and Meiosis Ltd. for the ABB raspberry varieties has ended as from 30 June 2017. The existing licenses for Kweli®, Kwanza®, Mapema® and Imara® are being handled by ABB itself from that date. ABB will replace them with new licenses in due course. ABB […]

New promising selections

January 3rd 2017 – Some of the newly bred primocane raspberry selections are showing excellent results in the trials. They appear to be well adapted to warmer climates, like in Southern Europe. As an effect, Onubafruit in Spain has showed some interest in an exclusive license for two of them: ABB 117 and ABB 121. […]