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Kweli®: healthy fruit

March 25th 2016 – During the Rubus and Ribes symposium held in 2015, Christoph Carlen of the Swiss institute Agroscope presented the results of a variety test with new primo cane raspberry varieties. The goal was among others to find primocane varieties with high contents of bioactive compounds, like vitamin C, phenols, anthocyanins and antioxidants. […]

Extended collaboration around Kweli® and Kwanza® in Portugal

March 25th 2016 – On 4 February 2016 Special Fruit N.V. from Belgium and Bfruit from Portugal announced their strategic alliance with regard to the production and marketing of Kweli® and Kwanza® raspberries. The agreement was signed at the Fruit Logistica in Berlin, in the presence of the Portuguese minister of Agriculture, Forestry, and Rural […]

First Kwanza® raspberries at the Zaltbommel auction

March 2nd 2016 – On Wednesday 2 March 2016, six weeks earlier than in 2015, the first Kwanza® raspberries were put up for sale at the auction in Zaltbommel. These raspberries were produced by Zachtfruitkwekerij Simons B.V.. Special Fruit N.V. in Mheer, Belgium bought the raspberries for the price of Euro 71,- per box of […]