March 25th 2016 – During the Rubus and Ribes symposium held in 2015, Christoph Carlen of the Swiss institute Agroscope presented the results of a variety test with new primo cane raspberry varieties. The goal was among others to find primocane varieties with high contents of bioactive compounds, like vitamin C, phenols, anthocyanins and antioxidants. The reason for it is the increasing interest in the health promoting effect of fruit. In 2012 and 2014 respectively 12 and 8 varieties were evaluated, among them the varieties of Advanced Berry Breeding Kwanza®, Kweli® and Imara®. From the results it appeared Kweli® was doing very well. Kweli® not only showed the highest yield, but also the contents of bioactive compounds appeared to be very high.

March 25th 2016 – On 4 February 2016 Special Fruit N.V. from Belgium and Bfruit from Portugal announced their strategic alliance with regard to the production and marketing of Kweli® and Kwanza® raspberries. The agreement was signed at the Fruit Logistica in Berlin, in the presence of the Portuguese minister of Agriculture, Forestry, and Rural Development, Luis Capoulas Santos. Through this strategic alliance both partners strengthen their competitive position in the challenging European soft fruit sector. Both companies will collaborate through their Portuguese company Multiberry, which concluded to an alliance with Advanced Berry Breeding earlier.

Bfruit currently unites more than 120 Portuguese soft fruit and kiwi producers and will be able through this agreement to strongly expand its growers base and export volumes. Moreover it will provide its members access to new soft fruit varieties and enhanced technical support.

Special Fruit will gain access to large, year round volumes of the highly popular raspberry varieties Kwanza® and Kweli® and will provide Bfruit access to new export markets for its other products. Production and sales of Kwanza® fruit throughout the year belongs to the possibilities then.